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Un-Hide Personal Tasks


Level 2


When you create an ad-hoc task for yourself, it's added as a task to your personal project. However, when you go to that personal project, you cannot see your personal tasks unless you create a special filter to see them.

The logic behind this is faulty because this is a task that I created and is priority for me to work on. So having it not show up, doesn't make sense.


My recommendation is to un-hide those tasks so they display when you use the "All" task filter.



Level 1


How did you find these task to unhide them? What's the criterion (or criteria) needed to get these to appear in your personal project? I'm stumped at how to find the ad hoc tasks after I create them. Plus, it also appears that I can't move tasks from a different project into the personal project, thought I suspect that's by design.