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Allow System Administrators to override project status of Cancelled to update task statuses


Level 4


Description - allow System Administrators to change task statuses implicitly without restrictions based on the project's status

Why is this feature important to you - as a System Administrator, cleanup is part of my every day job. While one could wish for users who mark their tasks as Cancelled before updating the project to Cancelled, this isn't always realistic. It would be great if I could just use a report of all tasks in New or In Progress status that are in a project of Cancelled and update them all in a couple of clicks.

How would you like the feature to work - when a System Administrator is attempting to update the status of a task in a Cancelled project, either allow this change to happen without issue, or show a pop-up window first asking the user if this is what they'd like to do (for example, "A task's status cannot be modified for a project with a status of Cancelled. As a System Administrator, you can override this. Do you wish to proceed?" - this is similar to pop-ups in Smartsheet).

Current Behaviour - currently, you have to take the project status out of Cancelled to be able to update the tasks' statuses. This creates many clicks and much manual effort, going into each Cancelled project first, as it cannot be done via a task report.