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Templates for Tasks


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It would be great to be able setting up templates for Tasks as it is currently possible for Projects.

Then the task creator could select the Task-Template with the required custom forms attached in advance.

  1. would save time for the creator
  2. required custom fields could be already attached in advance for different use cases
  3. users with work licence could immediately fill out the required custom fields without asking someone with plan licence to add the custom form first - as they are not allowed to add it themselves

It seems as there would have been ideas like mine previously, unfortunately I could not access the articles

as the URLs delivered an error page.

Author: Stephan Siller

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Level 6


Hi Roland, have you ever used the 'attach template' functionality (found in the project actions menu)? I make small templates of tasks, and bring them in this way. It doesn't solve your 3rd point, but that's likely by design as they need to give you reasons to upgrade people to plan licenses.