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Stop limiting rows to default of 100, it is IRRITATING


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One of the most irritating issues in Workfront over the years that I have used it is the default display rows are set to 100.

Very often you start analyzing data in either a project task list or a report and much later realizes that you are not looking at ALL the data.

Could the default displayed rows become a feature where each customer can decided how to set the amount or can you at least make the default displayed rows more than 100? If the latter, I would at least suggest 1000 rows.



Level 8


I agree, if there is some technical, possibly load based, reason this isn't already happening could workfront make it very clear at the top of whatever screen you're using that you're not looking at all of the data available on this page.

Like maybe a "ghost" row at the top of the page you're looking at that is small and Red that says something along the lines of "This is not all of the data available to this view, click here to see 1000 rows instead of 100"


Level 1


I feel the same, it is an irritating issue and when you are moving fast and forget to scrolll alllll the way down it seems there is an error on the report when in fact its just not showing all records. Very frustrating!!



Yes! I am the one who has to query requests/projects and it keeps limiting the count, then I have scroll all the way to bottom to see the record count to realize I am not seeing everything in my view.


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I agree! Or let it be a system or individual setting. WF can remember what view I last applied, why can't it remember that I want to see EVERYTHING? Let's do this.

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