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Setting to Display API Integration/Fusion for Custom Fields


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Description - Add a setting to custom fields that displays whether or not the field is being used in Fusion or in an API integration.

Why is this feature important to you - In order to ensure the Fusion and API integrations are accurate, when making changes to custom fields it would be beneficial to know if an update is needed in Fusion and API integrations as well.

How would you like the feature to work - We would like the feature to look at all Fusion scenarios and API integrations to search if the fields is being used or not and display that information in the custom field settings.

Current Behaviour - Currently there is nothing within the custom field settings that lets us know if the field is used in Fusion or API integrations. It would be a manual and time consuming process to search everything for the field.

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I am quite sure, that this is not possible, as using any field in Fusion or an API integration is like an "on demand" request. There is no need to register a field access in advance to be able to fetch it using the API.