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Selectable Filters in Reporting View Like in Excel


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Right now in reporting when you generate the data you can filter a whole column or you can add a prompt to only see certain data, but wouldn't it be nice if instead, you could generate the report and then have selectable filters at the top of the columns just like Excel does, without having to export it? This would enable you to see just projects for "Joe Smith" or just projects at "100" or multiple filters, "projects with Approve, and Closed" - right now you have to setup the report specifically around that criteria, change your view or export to Excel. Seems like it would be more efficient and if Excel can do it - why can't Workfront?



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My team and I had a similar situation in Workfront. We needed the additional flexibility in or reports to allow users to filter the data as needed. There were two options:

We applied wildcard options within our report filters which allowed our users to view only what was needed.

Workfront enables an expanded feature on reports within a layout template. We trained our users to steps to access then modify the filters as needed.




This filtering on each column is critical. It is similar functionality to Excel and JIRA that most users are use to already. It's seen as a major flaw/disadvantage that Workfront does not have this core functionality to make reports more usable.

Yes, there is a filter for the report but that filters for a keyword for every column. Or you could group by...but group bys can be clunky and you need to pre-create and share every possible scenario.

My team wants to bring up an assignment report, for example, then filter for a specific assignee.

It also must filter across the entire dataset, not just that page