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Scheduling Tool > Make Time Off More Noticeable


Level 8


In the Scheduling Tool, the only way you can tell if a resource is scheduled for time off is this light grey bar that stretches the width of the time off dates. I've noticed that the grey bar is buried in within other tasks that may be assigned, so it's not easy to tell if a resource is available or not. I suggest making it more noticeable and moving the "time off" bar to the top of the resource's list of "tasks."

I'm happy to submit a screenshot of this if needed.



Level 3


Hi Jenn, are you referring to the 'Resource Grid' or People/Working On?

We are using the Resource Grid as one view for our Team's availability. This is the only view that meets most of our requirements. However I requested if it's possible to show the partial time off (e.g. partially shade the day), then if the booking is unscheduled to change the color to orange so it's easy to spot the tentative bookings.


Level 8


Hi Maricel,

The area of WF I'm referring to is the "Scheduling" tab within the "People" section. If you're using the scheduling tool to assign resources and a team member has time off scheduled, it's not very noticeable.

Not sure if you can access this screenshot, but here's exactly what I'm referring to: https://screencast.com/t/NvEiHFHo

We're not currently using the Scheduling Tool because it doesn't meet our needs yet, but I would like to start using it in the future. We rely mostly on the Resource Grid, and I think it does a fairly good job at showing time off, but agree it would be nice to show partial time off.


Level 7


I just noticed on a recent project that the designer had a gray bar showing his time off. I didn't know it showed his personal time off logged... that's nice.

What I also notice is the scheduling feature is NOT showing days off set on his schedule. There is a holiday next week for this studio and somehow we could still assign work to him. I don't know if this is a bug or just something more to request, which I'll create a new idea for it anyway.




Hi everyone,

As we have announced deprecation of the Scheduling solution, we are marking this as Not Planned. The replacement Workload Balancer solution visualizes time offs in a much more noticeable manner.