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Scheduling Tool - feature additions/fixes for next release


Level 4


  1. Ability to view by day, week, month, quarter

  2. Remove unassigned tasks that are not matching the role filters

    Example: I’m filtering for Role A, but I’m getting an unassigned task with a non-relevant open assignment because there happens to be another filled Role A on that task, too.

  3. Restrict the task assignments to be only the ones that match the filter. Don’t need to see all 12 assignments when only 1 or 2 are relevant. Large multiple person assignments cover-up important screen info in other sections. And, I have to collapse the bar remember what I saw in order to take action.
    Have the assignment bar already opened and showing the hours per day.

    Don’t truncate the box width and limit it to saying “No Assignment” without the role next to it. This is not an at-a-glance tool and requires a LOT of clicking and drilling to find what’s needed.

  4. Have the project tasks stay on one line Keep bar colors consistent

  5. Filters disappear whenever I click away from the page or refresh - this is super disruptive and makes it easy to lose one’s place

  6. Let me share scheduling filters - please.

  7. Dear Santa - please, please let me change allocations by day in scheduling tool and resource grids

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Level 3


I totally share your thoughts on 2 ; 3 and 4. I also would like to add one more feature

Please allow to universal swap the user as an option - this means to swap all projects from user to another. It is very annoying to select all the projects one by one. or have option to choose program or profolio