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Review and Approve default settings in WF vs PHQ


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Before the most recent release, proofs would use the advanced assignments from the default of PHQ. Now it will only use the default under WF, settings, review and approve, and you can only pick one default role for everyone added to a proof.

I would like to see these advance assignments be chosen by the user and not one overall default. Our designers have to flip each person from Reviewer/Approver to just Reviewer if that was their previous designation in PHQ. (most of our VIP's are reviewers only so they don't hold up a time line) The VIP's are on the proof so they know what is happening and can add their 2 cents in if they want.-- I hear you saying just make them a report for that, but they are more "see picture, do picture" kind of people.

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In addition, if someone is opening a proof from Workfront, if they are not already assigned to the proof in some way, it automatically assigns as their default role in proof. It would be nice to have a way for them to only be a Review role instead of their default role. For example, a manager going in to look at a proof. Their default role is Review & Approve, but if they open a proof from someone on their team, it will automatically assign them to a stage as a reviewer & approver instead of only allowing the person to review the proof.

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