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Resource Planner - Exclude hours from completed tasks


Level 4


In the Resource Planner tool, there should be a toggle under the settings gear to "Exclude hours from completed tasks". Task Planned Completion Dates are nearly always misaligned with the Actual Completion Date, and no one is planning/budgeting resources for completed tasks. Therefore, users should be given the option to exclude hours for completed tasks, so that they're looking at work that is currently incomplete.



Level 10


Hi everyone,

In Resource Planner User View, advanced filters can be used to filter out completed tasks. I recommend using Task > Actual Completion Date - Null filter.

For Workload Balancer, we solve this in 2 different ways - with 20.3, we add the ability to visualize actual progress of tasks and for tasks that finished early, we exclude hours after Actual Completion Date from user's workload calculations (currently in Preview). And in 20.4, we plan to add a new setting to exclude completed tasks from the view even when actual progress view is disabled.

As the idea is about Resource Planner, I'm going to mark this as Delivered based on the filter functionality. Please stay tuned for our Preview releases and roadmap calls.