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Report on the update feed


Level 9


The ability to report on the data currently captured in the update feed. For example, we have a need to track when a status was last updated to determine if a project status has gotten stale.



Level 3


We've ran into an issue while trying to create Tableau reports using WF data fetched via series of API calls - specifically project updates (type = condition update); it appears that project updates can currently only be fetches through the project record and are limited to contain only the last 200 project updates, regardless of type. Attempting to go after the update table via the API didn't work (although it should have as per API doc), fetching journal entries didn't yield much since those are not tied to the update type in any way. Would be really nice if WF API allowed us to fetch project update records directly without going through the parent record.


Level 2


We need the ability to report on the data in the update feed to satisfy external audits regarding changes to our financial systems. We track all requests for those changes in Workfront, so being able to print a report on a specific issue that would include all the data in the update feed would make it easier to satisfy the auditors.


Level 10


This is a quite required option, since in our organisation. This is asked every business entity meeting about which of the projects statuses changed since last month. This is to keep consistent vigil for prioritised projects under several portfolio to decide finance.

This feature will give the ability to pull information in a report.




Hello, this is an interesting idea...I would like to discuss further with a few of you. If interested, please let me know here in the thread and I'll set something up. Thanks!



Jeremy Flores,

I would like to participate as well. Reporting off of status changes and project activity is really important for our team and we've been trying to figure out custom ways to accomplish this and it's been challenging. Thank you!