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Remove or option Users info popup on mouse over


Level 2


Description - Just moving the pointer over a User's name link causes their contact info to popup

Why is this feature important to you - Even when not intended (almost always), it pops up and prevents any further interaction until closed (X click)

How would you like the feature to work - Remove auto pop up unless name is clicked on, or at least provide the option to do so.

Current Behaviour - This behaviour is quite disruptive and often interferes with the user's intended actions.



Level 3


Description of issue - 

Whenever I hover over an employee's name, a popup appears displaying that employee's name, title, manager, team(s) they belong to, email, and phone number. Sometimes you can move your mouse off the popup and it goes away. Other times, you have to actually click the X in the top right corner to close it. Either way, it must be closed before you can do anything else on the page. This popup feature usually happens when I go to a new page and my mouse happens to be hovering over a name when the page loads. I’ve never needed this feature and don’t think it’s necessary.


Why is this feature important to you - 

This feature hinders my workflow because I'm constantly moving from one page to the next and getting these popups way too often.  


How would you like the feature to work -

I would prefer if the popup function was either completely removed or would only initiate on click and not on hover.  


Current Behaviour -

Popup initiates on hover.

I agree! I am a new user of Workfront and it always surprises me that I can't do what I want when this happens, and then I realize I have to go x out the profile pop-up. Usually it is me I have accidentally hovered over. I don't need to know any more about me.


Community Advisor


Agree with this 100%, the popup is also really clunky to X out of, it takes a few times. Want it gone! If people need to see more info about a user, they can just click on the name. The hover is really annoying.


I agree this is really frustrating. 

The behavior I'm seeing feels like a bug - in that the popup will show up and then stick on the screen even when I'm actively working in a different field/spot - or it'll prevent going on - so it's not really "hover to discover" type because it doesn't go away when I'm no longer hovering.  Has anyone already explored this with support as a defect that was accidentally introduced?


Community Advisor


@Jason_JB this has existed for several months at least and I just never put in a ticket for it! So when I saw someone did I jumped on it. This is not a new thing (unfortunately). 


It's especially annoying because it seems to get stuck.
Other forms like the pop-up for adding a template to a project close out immediately when you click outside that window. And that's a pop-up I clicked multiple times to open and filled out form fields for already.
This pop-up doesn't let you click on ANYTHING else on the page to navigate away from it or dismiss it.