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Reassign all objects when deactivating a user


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Once again, I am manually reassigning over 500 tasks from someone who is suddenly no longer with the company to their backfill. When I deactivate a user, a message should pop up "This person is assigned to XX work, would you like to reassign these to a different user?"" If yes, then a reassignment button pops up and I enter a name. If no, then all open objects will be closed or canceled. If not sure, then tasks will remain assigned to the person and I have the option to go back to this account at some point and reassign.

This single activity is a huge time suck that should take less than a minute.

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Level 6


This is still manual, but prior to deactivating you should run a report of all tasks assigned to that person, and then batch edit to the new person/people. I actually have a report that is my "Exit Report".

Still, good idea to have it right there.