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"Lock down" a particular task on a project template


Level 10


At present we can give users the ability to delete tasks on a project. This allows them to delete any task. We would like to be able to lock down particular tasks on a project so that they can't be deleted. So a user would have the ability to delete some tasks but not other specific tasks.



Level 10


In addition to deleting the task that was added via a template, we'd also like the ability to prevent them from Renaming certain tasks.


Level 1


This would be a great addition for us. We've just debuted six consistent reporting tasks across our templates that span different project/production types*. It only works for consistent reporting if and only if the planners don't delete the tasks or change these six task names. This new feature would make it easier to rely on the reports without "data policing."

We're a creative development shop managing marketing assets through deployment. Those six tasks are

  1. Project Kick-off
  2. Initial Approval (we have a formal two step approval process)
  3. Build Kit Hand-off
  4. Final Approval
  5. Go Live

We use milestones for groups of tasks, aka development phases.