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"Agile" Groupings For Reports


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First, I know there was something similar to this already, but I cannot find it. If you find it, please put the link in the comment so I can get my team to upvote it.

Idea: Similar to Matrix Grouping, we'd like Agile Grouping. The top would be statuses (although not limited to locked statuses. Would love to pick the group first and then select which statuses for that group we'd like include in the report). The left side would then be either be Parent Task or Project (Ideally Project, but I know some people might want parent task). We don't need the burn-down chart for this type of report

Use Case: For some groups, we have to use waterfall methodology for the project schedule, but users or executives would like to see the report in an Kanban/Agile view to see what is going on, like how many tasks are in what statuses. We don't need the full Agile experience, just the view. With tools like Microsoft Planner, Monday, and Trello becoming popular, we have some teams that want to us to build integrations and use those tools just for the visual.

NOTE: We'd need to use filters like you would for other task or issue reports. This idea is just for the grouping and overall display design.