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Project Status Report


Level 9


A Report that shows multiple aspects of one project in a single report format -

Project Name

Project Description

Project Owner

Today's Date

Milestone Chart - the color coded one with the status and dates

Upcoming tasks

Open Issues

Open Risks

Current Update - editable!

Budget vs. Actual

Ability to put in a color status for how the project is doing on the various elements of the project:






Stakeholder Involvement

Confidential notice at bottom of export



Level 10


Jennifer. I'm upvoting this and would ask that you look at the request to send dashboards. We have something very similar to what you're asking for in the form of a dashboard. That dashboard has been added to each project via custom tab so each project has a status report readily available. If we could send dashboards like we send reports, it would solve the problem.

If you're interested, I can share our dashboard with you as well - which would be made easier if we had a Report Exchange

Some other things that would help flesh all of this out are:


Level 1


Marc, great suggestion on the sending Dashboards! Would love to see this feature available as well as the feature for auto-deliverable dashboards in order to provide automated status reports to stakeholders in a similar fashion I can do for reports.


Level 2


Mark, we did the exact same thing (custom tab on each project with all the reports we need to see project status) and sending the dashboard would be so helpful. Thanks for the suggestion.