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Project Header Customization and Status Visual


Level 2


Hello! Submitting this Enhancement request here!

We've received numerous requests for customization to the Header when looking at a Project. Users would like to be able to customize this area with custom data field and also to provide more relevant status visuals that reflect our instance of Workfront.

Header Customization - we have a few fields imperative to our business that are often referenced. Today, these fields live on the Project Custom Form, and we pull them into reports, but when looking at a project, users have commented it would be so nice to have these in the header.

Project Status Customization - today, you have the % status of completion for a project and various status types across all objects, projects included, that provide an understanding of the state of ones work. Building on these status, our user base was curious if there's a vision in the future for having a status bar that is more visual in nature and not connected to Tasks that would provide an understanding of where a campaign is at? In terms of current functionality, I'd anticipate this visual would be connected to the Project Stage, but today it's just a drop down, not a visual bar, from what I've seen at least.



Level 2


In the Classic Version we have the opportunity to have the description or URL in the project header but looks like now is not available. Will be nice to be able to customize this section.