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Program Templates


Level 9


It would be nice to have a template to create a program and all the projects within that program, as well as custom fields at the program level. This would be helpful for campaigns. We could remove the projects that are not applicable for the particular campaign. We could fill in the details for the campaign on the program level custom form.

There is no capability to copy programs, so we aren't able to copy a similar program. It has to be all manually re-created.



Level 7


Big missing feature for us, as well. Would be great if we could put project templates inside of a program template, and create them all in a designated portfolio in one fell-swoop.


Level 2


This would be incredibly helpful for us too...even basic template functionality such as custom forms, consistent document folder structure, etc. would save a lot of manual re-entry every time we set up a new program.


Level 1


Yes please! Really looking for this feature. Has been the biggest roadblock in leader adoption in my team (so much manual entry)


Level 1


Yes - can't wait for this. Our program structure includes a certain amount of projects as standard, yet we have to set these project by project - arduous and not efficient.

A program template with correct forms, planned effort etc will be a life saver. Also the ability to copy at a program level or copy multiple projects at one time will also be advantageous!


Level 1


HI there

I can't wait for this either. This would be extremly helpfull. So far this is a huge challenge. We are working cross divisional on campaigns with a marketing mix managed by different Business Units. So have setup a program that includes different programs managed by different Business Units. These Program are repetitive for each launch and initiative and we would like to be able to setup this program with one click. Right now we have to put them together on a individual basis.

So this update will be a huge improvement for our workflows.