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Preserve Access Level when a User is Deactivated


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It would be great if a user's access level was preserved/stored when they are deactivated.


Currently when a user is deactivated, their access level is removed. If that user is reactivated (via checkbox), they are not granted any access level, which basically leaves the user as deactivated for all intents and purposes.


It would be useful if, when a user was deactivated, it "removed" their access level but stored it in a variable, field, or database so that when the user was reactivated, they automatically reobtain their old access level.


This would remedy the problem of having activated users without an access level, but also I have also encountered situations where a user was deactivated which removed their access level, but there was no record of their previous access level on the System Updates section of the User profile. This prevented me from knowing what Access Level the user should have when I later reactivated them.



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As an admin, you can automatically record all user's current access level and preserve that value if/when their account is deactivated for later reference. 

If you're not already attaching a universal custom for to all your user profiles, you should be. User custom forms are critical for enabling user administration. 

1. On your user custom form, add a calculated field of text type. We call ours "SYS Access Level" 
2. After creating the calculated field, apply changes to the form.
3. Update the calculation of the new field to the below:

if({isActive}="true",{accessLevel},{DE:SYS Access Level})

4. Check the checkbox to Update previous calculations in the background. 

This new field will stamp every active user's current access level, and update every time it changes, unless the user is being deactivated. If they get deactivated, the field preserves what their access level was at the time of deactivation. 


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@William-- Thanks for the instructions! Any other tips/ideas for other fields on a user custom form that should be used in most implementations?