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Predictive Text For Deactivated Users in prompts


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I want "Onwer ID" prompts to include deactivated users. This prompt allows me to use WF's predictive text when typing in a name. There is a work around to change the prompt to "Owner Name" and use "contains", but I am guessing at name spellings. I want predictive text to work for both active and deactivated users. Thank you.



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I created a similar request that you could also vote on here:


For more context, if someone is gone, it is impossible to use a prompt to find their assignments or even to pull hours as a historical process. This makes reporting and updating on the fly virtually impossible. It is frustrating if an executive has to ask the Sys Admin for data and can't pull it themselves.


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Sounds like a great idea. You've got my vote. (I'm wondering, though, are deactivated users permanently "attached" to the system? When can have access to their data even after they've gone? Frank


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To your first question, deactivated users are permanently attached to the system. If they are deleted, you lose all of their data; however, deactivation just means they can't login, but their data is all intact.

To your second question, which I think was how would you be able to access their data when they are gone; the answer is that for some reports, you literally have to reactivate them to pull the report (i.e. hours), and on other reports, you have to list them specifically. This is a major pain point.

Anything that you can do to get others to vote on these two issues would be very helpful!



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This is a big pain point for me in prompted reports. I often know that the Owner ID, or Entered By, or Last Updated By is a deactivated user, but their names can't/don't populate in any prompts that validate against the user table. It should!


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The current filtering functionality is a problem and the fact that deactivated users are hidden from ALL normal reporting prompts (owner/user ID "equals") in order to prevent their assignment to tasks/issues is something that needs to be addressed. Yes, we do need to avoid assigning deactivated users to objects but we still need to be able to query deactivated users in reporting without employing a bunch of workaround to figure out how to pull these folks into reports. This needs to get put on the roadmap and be addressed long-term. I'm not sure if the future reporting canvas project is the eventual solution here or if that will also be hamstrung by the current setup.