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Parent/Child Projects


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I apologize if this is duplicate but I did not see it anywhere. We have a need to create parent projects that would live between the Program level and the current project level. While I understand that the work could be completed in one project using parent/child tasks we have many departments that would prefer to have their projects tracked separately. There would be many child projects which would roll up to many parent projects and into ONE program.

I saw some talk about this on the Global forum but that was it. Please help me vote up this feature request!





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We have our rep looking into this one as well as a couple of others that have pushed passed the 40 votes needed for consideration. He is reaching out to the product manager who is assigned to this enhancement and awaiting an update. I will try to post on this thread if I get any newsworthy info.


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Our company currently does this and can report on these as well. We create a project (Masterand then add issues which can be solved by projects. I try to avoid having project go over the 100 task mark when possible and creating this way helps immensely.)


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Thank you for the idea and all the feedback. We agree this would be a great functionality to have and we are investigating the possibility of having it but we are not able to provide the timeline on when we will be able to build it, so I will mark this as Not Planned for now. Please continue up-voting and providing your use cases as we will revisit this later.


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This would also be incredibly useful for our org as some projects have many phases that extend for long periods of time or a project that branches out into many sub-projects. Currently there is no way to really organize.