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Parent/Child Projects


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I apologize if this is duplicate but I did not see it anywhere. We have a need to create parent projects that would live between the Program level and the current project level. While I understand that the work could be completed in one project using parent/child tasks we have many departments that would prefer to have their projects tracked separately. There would be many child projects which would roll up to many parent projects and into ONE program.

I saw some talk about this on the Global forum but that was it. Please help me vote up this feature request!







We recently announced Project Maestro at Adobe Summit, which is a response to these asks. Project Maestro is a broad effort to deliver a flexible system for:


  1. Modeling the records that track your operational lifecycle activities, especially including strategic planning records like marketing "Campaigns". This can also be used to model the idea of a parent project that is able to summarize data from multiple Project objects (this will even work to like Projects from across Portfolios )
  2. Viewing these custom records in a new spreadsheet style Table as well as a Timeline component that can deliver on asks for an improved "Marketing Calendar"

Project Maestro is currently in a "Closed Beta" while work to refine it with a set of customers that represent multiple industries and use cases.

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Have you tried creating an issue inside a project (the project will serve as your master/parent project) and convert that issue into a project (which would then be your sub/child project)? You can display those sub/child projects via a report (an issue report that displays columns regarding the resolving project) on a dashboard that is added to your layouts at the project level. You can then view the details of any/all of the resolving projects (sub/child projects) of that master project by clicking on the dashboard within the project.

A "master project" template can be created with prebuilt issue topics and/or you can also set up a request queue that routes to specific "master" projects so those request submissions auto route and become sub/child projects upon conversion.

That's how I've built ours so we can have a master/parent and sub/child view of our projects.




Hi folks, I'm excited to announce that we are rapidly approaching an opportunity to participate in the next phase of the beta for Workfront Planning (FKA "Project Maestro"). You can register your interest in participating in the beta here: https://www.feedbackprogram.adobe.com/c/r/field24


We'll open up access at the end of May, and you can learn more with this blog article: https://business.adobe.com/blog/the-latest/introducing-workfront-planning-building-and-activating-yo...