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Parent/Child Projects


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I apologize if this is duplicate but I did not see it anywhere. We have a need to create parent projects that would live between the Program level and the current project level. While I understand that the work could be completed in one project using parent/child tasks we have many departments that would prefer to have their projects tracked separately. There would be many child projects which would roll up to many parent projects and into ONE program.

I saw some talk about this on the Global forum but that was it. Please help me vote up this feature request!





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Sounds good to me! We would LOVE to be able to see a summary level line for a related project. e.g. Let's say you are managing project A. Project A is dependent on the development of 2 software products. These are being developed in Projects B and C.

We would like to see two task-level lines in Project A which show the total project % complete and planned dates for projects B and C.

Cross-project predecessors are not sufficient because they only can indicate planned dates based on the relationship with the other project, not its completion.



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We would like to have this ability as well. We have the same need as Michael (departments want to manage their own sub-projects that directly effect a parent project).


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Yes please! This describes our current project structure and we are finding it difficult to migrate that structure into WF without the "Parent Project" level to organize children projects.

And while Parent/Child Projects would address several of our challenges, we could also benefit from having subtasks that reside in a separate project than their parent.

Project A could have tasks 1, 2, and 3, each of which have subtasks that live in Projects B and C. Because projects B and C are managed separately and contain tasks not related to Project A, they would not technically be children projects of A, but would contain subtasks whose progress is calculated in tasks 1, 2, and 3 of A. Dependencies don't work because they don't reflect the actual progress of the children tasks.


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I up voted this and asked my organization to do the same! We should be able to get the 45 votes needed soon. This would make SO many people on my team happy!


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Sounds like it. Thanks for sharing! We just hit 45 votes on this request, I just noticed - way to go team!

The link Sara shared provides some good insight into a situation where more functionality on project hierarchy would be well-received!