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Organizing Reports into folders


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I need to be able to move multiple reports into folder and be able to organize reports shared with me or from other sections into folders as well.



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Our organization could really make use of this enhancement. Putting reports in folders today is too restrictive even for the Administrator


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Hello, everyone,

As you might've already noticed, this topic is planned to be implemented in upcoming releases. Currently this is being actively researched to understand the use cases that will be beneficial to most customers.

If you have some specific requests around report organization, I would be glad to discuss them. Please feel free to book a meeting with me via Calendly.




Level 3


I would like the ability to put a report into a specific folder while I am creating the report. This could be done with a drop down menu in the report settings. Would be nice to be able to know exactly which folder a report is going to when it is created and also have the ability to reorganize a report that has already been created while editing.


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Being able to move reports that other users have created into a folder without logging in as them. Also the ability to create a folder that multiple people can file reports into would be useful.


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Agree with all the ideas on this thread. A couple of other thoughts/suggestions on reports and folders:

1. When you drag and drop a report into another folder, the interface brings you to THAT folder, rather than remaining in the original folder. This is counterintuitive and differs from the normal user experience when moving objects into folders (in Windows Explorer, for example). When I use this feature, I am usually working through a pile of reports that haven't been placed in a folder yet; I typically would prefer to stay where I am, and move reports OUT of that area into a folder. Instead, I drag and drop and then have to click to get back where I came from.

2. When editing or creating a report, I would really like to be able to see what folder the report is in now, and to be able to change it to a different folder if I wish. I think the logical place for this would be the "Report Settings" panel of the report.


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Really important for us is to have the ability to share Folder Structures with other users (i.e. not just file reports you own/created) - I know you can do a report to show this but its not as user friendly