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Option to Link Planned Completion Date of Issue to Planned Completion Date of Resolving Object


Level 9


I actually expected the feature to work this way to begin with and was surprised to learn that it didn't.

If I have an issue that is resolved by a project I would like that issue to display the planned completion date of the project. Nothing more complex than that.



Level 5


Also, when you have an issue that is resolved by a task it would be great if the issue displayed the planned completion date of the resolving task. Would mitigate the need of having to manually keep the two objects planned completion dates in sync.


Level 9


Yes, right now we get complaints because someone will inadvertently look at an issue and see that it is way overdue, and not realize it has a resolving object that is on target.


Level 4



I am receiving the same complaints as well - issues are showing as overdue when they actually are not as the issue completion date is not tied to the date of the resolving task once this issue is converted to a task.

Issue previously submitted to support:

Issue completion date doesn’t update for an Issue when it is converted to a Task (can only set completion as a default number of days in the queue setup). You have to manually update the issue completion date when you build out the tasks and if the Task due date changes, you would have to manually update again. It would be great if this was automatic and the issue (when converted to a task) completion date would be tied to the completion date of the resolving task.

Thank you,


Level 3


Yes, this is a big problem for me. If a client chooses to sit on their approval for 3 weeks versus the 3 planned days, this is not our fault and the project or tasks should not be showing up as late. The timeline shifts based on the new approval date. There has to be some way of solving for this.

Options I see:

  1. If it is set to Schedule from start date, then presumably there is no fixed planned completion date and this should be able to move if you need it to (and I am fine if this is an approvable step, or admin only. I can understand where you would not want just anyone to move things around).
  2. Could planned completion be conditional based on a task. So you set your project dates, and indicate which ones are required for the project to move forward. So all the approval stages, for instance, could be checked as project hold points where the project might get diverted. Then if the approval comes in 3 weeks late, the planned completion moves 3 weeks later. If there is a fixed deadline and regardless of whether or not an approval is late, this project still needs to complete on X date, then you can ignore this option and the project will show as late as it does today.


Level 6


I agree with Marc above. There are other fields that remain in-sync when there's linked by Resolved By relationship (such as [Status] - if you change the lead task/issue's [Status], the status on all the "resolvable" tasks/issues get updated too.

Things like the [Planned Completion Date] should follow the same behavior.


Level 1


I agree this was expected and seems like a design flaw. The option I was given below

"If you were to deselect the checkbox for "keep the original request and tie its resolution to this project" when converting a request, the request will be moved to the recycle bin and all information will be kept at the project level. However, if clients are needing to view the original request and will not have access to the project, you will want to keep that checkbox selected. " would not work for us since clients would lose lists of their requests.

This request started in March 2017. I am fairly new to Workfront and to this voting on issues which is great! Do we get notifications when these are accepted or declined and what release they would be in?


Level 6


I created a Calculated Field to show me the "true" Planned Completion Date. It looks to see if the issue is resolved by a project/task/other issue, and then populates it with the resolving object's [Planned Completion Date]. It's got limited use, but it could probably be used in a report?

I made this for Issue custom forms, but I think it'd work for the other object types too.

IF(isblank(Resolving Object Type),Planned Completion Date,if(Resolving Object Type = "PROJ",Resolve Project.Planned Completion Date,if(Resolving Object Type = "OPTASK",Resolve Issue.Planned Completion Date,Resolve Task.Planned Completion Date)))

Note: When attaching this to your issues, you'll want to select the issues you want to update, then Edit > Recalculate Custom Expressions.


Level 2


Thank you for submitting this request and up voting for it. We won't be able to add this functionality during upcoming 12 months so I am going to mark this as Not Planned for now, but feel free to up vote since we might revisit this decision.

Best regards,