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Notify the other assignees when someone is "done with their part" or completes for all


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Description -  There are several of our tasks and requests where multiple people are assigned to it and someof those people need to wait on the others.  They have to keep going back in to see it the green check is there.  It would also we super helpful to get notified that someone hits "complete" and closed out the task for all assignees.  We have instances where that is ok, but other times, the other people weren't done yet - a notification would be great to give people a heads up if they need to go back in and reopen.

Why is this feature important to you - alerts the others assigned to the object that a co-assignee has "done their part" OR alerts them if another assignee closed the object out on them


How would you like the feature to work - ability to have a option for an email notification when someone you are sharing an assignment with, it "done with their part" OR completes it and cuts you off


Current Behaviour - They either have to keep going and checking if the others hit "done with my part" OR lose sight completely if another assignee closed the object out on them.



Level 10


Hi @LB103 

This is an important feature is required. If possible, the best is the second owner of the task should get a notification first. As i understand in current behaviour, the primary owner of the task can complete the task. In the meantime if second owner should be able to see "done with my part". I would say, both can complete the task. Like 2nd owner knows that work is done. In that case, the primary owner of the task must be notified. Else, there should be owner's priority can be possible to assign.