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New Proof Version Approver Roles


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I understand that there have ben changes in Workfront recently that relate to this suggestiuon, but I am unclear what the current status of this feature should be.

At the moment, when a new proof version is created, all the roles from the previous proof are copied across. Workfront Support advise that this is the designed process; nothing to fix.

I suspect that this feature works for some businesses and not for others. Rather than having 'one or the other' why not build in an 'option' within 'WF Proof > Account Settings', such that each business can choose whether they want the roles to be maintained, or not.

Our business routinely uses the following process…

Proof Version 1

1. Designers create proof and add Moderator

2. Moderator reviews proof to determine decision

a. If no additional decision maker is required, then Moderator simply applies their decision

b. If Moderator is happy with proof, but additional decision makers are required, then Moderator adds ‚ÄòReviewer & Approver’

3. ‚ÄòReviewer & Approver’ may decide proof is not ready and another proof version will be required based on their decision.

Proof Version 2

1. All the same steps, above, except that the additional decision makers may be different, subject to availability.

2. Additional decision makers should NOT have the proof shared with them until the ‚ÄòModerator’ has had time to assess the new proof, as per the steps above.

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Another idea might be to add a 'check box', next to each 'Proof Role' in the 'Proof Details' screen to select which roles should be carried over to any new versions and which should not.