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Month Cut Off for a Weekly Timesheet


Level 9


Ability to have the weekly timesheet cut off at the end of the month, with a second timesheet available for the remainder of the week for the beginning of the month.

We don't want to use a monthly timesheet, as we want to make sure people are recording time each week. However, we run into an issue when trying to bill time at the end of the month, because the timesheet week may still be open.



Level 2


Hi Elizabeth - we would like this too as we have to close off month end. The work around is to bulk edit the start and/or end date of the weeks timesheets, but this can be prone to error. Having a setting against the timesheet profile itself would be great.


Level 8


My company is currently solving for this via an API auto-trigger process. We would prefer to see mid-week split for end of month timesheets as a native feature.


Level 4


This has been an issue for us as well. We built a tool that automatically splits the timesheets at the end of the month, but its a pain and often doesn't work. We need the last week of the month to be split into two timesheets so that the approvers can approve the time and contractors can get paid or invoices can get run for month end. We cant wait until the weekends.