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Mandated alignment between category and sub-category fields


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For fields where there is a Category and a Sub-Category (example using cars: Toyota (category) Corolla (sub-category), it would be helpful if there was a custom field type that would allow for the category and sub-category to always remain in sync.


  • Currently on a custom form, I can use display logic to show my sub-category only when the proper category is selected. HOWEVER this can not be accomplished on a report.
  • Currently, if I select a category and sub-category, then CHANGE the category, the data remains in the sub-category field creating invalid data.
  • Currently, there is no out of the box way to select the sub-category and have it imply the Categories above (example…. Selecting Corolla under Sub-Category would automatically infer Toyota as the Category and make the change). This is the case for either custom form or report.

Why is this feature important to you - Automated and mandated Metadata / Taxonomy conformance vs. one-off resources and time to measure and manually address




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Would love taxonomy functionality in custom fields. We currently leverage company, portfolio, and program as a client taxonomy (client, brand, campaign) which still has issues of its own as a faux taxonomy, plus it limits our ability to use these as true project management functions. So many possible use cases for this!


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This behavior can be described as "enhanced data validation" and is a long time customer request. I suggest searching the forum for prior submissions relating to data validation rules and promoting those posts so that demand for the request is not diluted across multiple posts.


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Also known as "cascading fields" or "hierarchical fields." I already have an Idea submitted for this, as have others. Been a couple of years just for mine, probably longer than that overall.