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Make WF Plugin for Jira Data Center available!


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We (Marketing) works with some teams in IT and other vendors that use Jira. The WF Plugin for Jira is extremely valuable in letting the PM assign work to these times in a specific Jira board and have visibility over it alongside other tasks/projects we have in WF (as sometimes our projects involve both teams). We have a Jira Cloud instance and another vendor that uses Jira Data Center. We wanted to start using this for our Data Center instance and apparently this was discontinued.


According to WF, "we lost the integration with Data-Center in January of 2022. This happened because Jira updated their requirements for Data-Center Plug-ins. At this time we have not made any changes to align with the new Data-Center Requirements and the integration has been moved to a 'Not-Supported' state. They have requested that the idea be submitted to the innovation lab so that they can better gauge how many of our customers are looking for this integration."


Please bring back the ability to use this WF Plugin for Jira to Data Center Jira instances.





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@NicholeVargas hey there! Wondering if there has been any discussion around this with WF product/integration teams? It's really a shame we lost this functionality, WF having a Jira integration should mean it works for any Jira, in my opinion. In the year since it's been unsupported, have they resurfaced this or can we?


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We would appreciate a Data Center supported app as well. Our whole org uses Workfront--PMO, Marketing, Ops, Finance, Data, etc. and work cross-functionally with our Developers and Engineers who use Jira. Please make this happen!