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Make Proof Decision Comments viewable in Workfront Reports


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Description - When a person makes a decision on a proof and comments for that decision are switched 'on': those comments are not currently viewable in Workfront (confirmed by Support in case no. 00352989). These comments contain information, for example, about why a proof requires changes. Make these comments viewable in a Proof Approval or Document report so that proof submitters can see where re-work is required across all assets, rather than needing to go into each proof one-by-one.

Why is this feature important to you - to save time and be able to report on rework comments across multiple proofs. Overseers should be able to review all feedback in one pane of glass.

How would you like the feature to work - In a report, there is a column that pulls in Proof decision comments so that all decision comments can be read in a report if desired.

Current Behavior - there is no way to pull in these comments at the moment, in fact, its hard to even find them (I've just discovered) - these should be simple to view, but they are not.



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I have a sneaky report you may find useful, it's actually a Note report pulling notes that contain 'proof comment' since all proof comments have that verbiage in front - showing comments from 'past week' grouped by comment date then proof. So if a proof had 4 comments in the past week, each comment is a line item in the report but it allows you to view multiple proofs' comments at once. You could filter it to pull pending proofs from specific users or a different timeframe. I've found this helpful since there is no other native report.


Here are my columns - the 'comment' column is Note >> Note Text



group.0.name=Comment Date

See what you think!


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Hi @Madalyn_Destafney


thank you for the suggestion, that's a really neat little trick that we will use going forward.


I've just tested it in our environment. Yes, it captures Notes that have a prefix of 'Proof Comment' (case sensitive I found?)  this captures all of the comments made using the 'Review' permissions (i.e. All comments on the proof) but it does not capture comments made at the decision stage (i.e. when you switch on the decision reasons in proof). 


Here are some screenshots all take at the same stage of the process, you can see the decision comments in the first screen, and in the following three screens, all those places you would think of looking for those comments; alas, they do not appear!


What do you think?


CianLeaving a comment while making a decision.pngProof Activities doe not show decision comments.pngProof Comment Report shows only Proof Comments made in the 'add comment' options.pngUpdate Stream does not capture Decision Comments.png




Hi Cian,


Hmm. Your examples do seem to indicate that the Decision Rationale entries might not be integrated into the Workfront Notes, or (faint hope) perhaps not in the same way as Proof Comment entries. To double-check, I'd suggest you:


  • create a Notes report that returns the Note Text column and filters that Note Text for the example you entered (e.g. contains Decision Rationale), and if that doesn't work
  • try adding the Audit Text column to the report and filter that Audit Text in the same way (in case -- again, faint hope -- a Decision Rationale is integrated as more of an "Audit" than a "Note", conceptually)

If neither returns your example, I'd conclude that such data isn't being transferred. Good luck, and I'm interested to hear what you find out.





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Hi Cian and any Community Advisors who may see this.


I have a stakeholder who inquired about the Decision comment text box content not being visible except via the little text bubble within Proof Decision page. 


Is there any information on when this may be more fully integrated where the information could be shared via report or within an email notification?




Here is the info I received from support mid-Sept 2023:

I can confirm that the method to see the [Decision] Reason is an info bubble in the Proof Workflow page. This is a Decision Reason that is setup on the ProofHQ side of things and is not included in any email notifications.