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Make Custom Forms more user friendly


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Working with Custom Forms can be very frustrating. The way data is displayed within Project Details, Business Case or the edit menu is a very bad experience, especially when working with fields such as Check-boxes. If labels are a bit longer, the text just gets wrapped around and the entire area looks messy. Also they are using only about a third of the width of the form, everything on the right is just blank space. I feel the text wouldn't wrap around, if we'd just allow the field to use the entire width of the form.

Also, when working with multi-select fields I want to be able to reference to the label and the value. I don't want Workfront to randomly display the value or the label, depending on what I am looking at. When looking into the Portfolio Optimizer I see values, when looking in a standard column I see labels, when using text mode in most of the cases I am seeing the value (sometimes also the label).

These are only a few examples, but in general I would like to see a better usability and display of this data.

Thank you!

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Level 4


Also, I would like to be able to display Multi-Select Fields in views not as a string, but as a list. Currently it is a pain to read these fields. We are already able to do this with nested lists, such as Issues (e.g. Issue:name). It would be nice to have it in custom form data as well.


Choice 1, Choice 2, Choice 5, Choice 7, [...]


Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 5

Choice 7


Also the order in which results are displayed is hard to understand. Can we have consistency here?