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Log Time to Proofs


Level 5


Would be useful to get a sense of time spent on our proofs by licensed (Work or greater) and for that time to roll up to the project it is attached. This should be in a way simpler than managing the proof plus the separate task. It should also improve the time tracking for proofs and where it is being applied within the job for better insights into this ongoing pain point. Let me know if I need to rewrite this to be clearer.



Level 7


I completely agree.

I have to review Proofs regularly and don't have time to find the project or task or issue.

It would be much better to include a 'log time' button in a Proof.

Workfront can index this time to a project, task, issue or 'personal task' which will show up on the timesheet.

This would be a much easier experience for Proofers.

Thank you for raising, Tammie.