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Kickstart upload - Allow custom fields to be uploaded for projects


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We upload our full quarterly marketing plan using a kickstart but we then have to manually populate a lot of the fields in the custom form attached the projects because the fields are custom fields, not system fields such as Project Name or Project Owner. It would save a huge amount of time to be able to populate this data in the kickstart file.



Level 9


Hi - You may import custom field data when using the kickstart import for a project. You will need to include the "Category ID" field in the kickstart import file, to indicate which custom form will be attached to the project. Next, for the custom fields, you will need to add in Row 2 of the import file, the column heading of DE:Custom Field Name. The "DE:" indicates its a custom field that data is being imported into. After the ":" you will need to enter in the custom field name EXACTLY as it appears in the environment. This includes spaces between words. There should be no space between the colon and the first letter of the custom field name. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!


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Great! I'm glad that was helpful. Let me know if you have additional challenges, I'd be more than happy to have a call to discuss. Thanks!


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@ElizabethWi How do you add custom fields to ticket that are already created? Do you need to add the workfront ID in the spreadsheet with the custom fields?




Hi @BiancaBo,


Kickstarts are Insert Only, so if by add you mean populate custom fields to a ticket (e.g. Issue, or Task, or Project, etc.), I invite you to consider our Excel Updater solution, which can send Inserts and Updates from Excel to Workfront.