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Jira Integration: start task in Jira


Level 6


It should be possible to start a task in Jira and have it then automatically created in Workfront.



Level 9


100% agree. We have new work comes up through Jira and it is a burden to rekey it in. It should be able to be passed both directions If the work cannot start and be passed both ways, it creates dual entry and less willingness to ensure Workfront is up to date.


Level 3


Tanja or Sara, Is this not the case with Fusion software? We are about to invest but, I want to make sure that there is a two way relationship. WF to JIRA to WF.


Level 6


Hi Neicy, I agree this might be possible through Fusion interface, but as I understand there is a native integration Workfront - Jira for which you don't need Fusion. Updates of tasks and projects can be done on either side, Workfront or Jira, but the project/task must be entered in Workfront first in order to show up in Jira. If the project/task is first entered in Jira, it does not appear in Workfront.