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Issue: In Scrum / Kanban View, when a task status that requires approval is selected or when a card is moved to that status swimlane, the card should not jump to the left-most swimlane and should clearly mark that it is "pending approval"


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Currently, if a status of a task has an approval tied to it, when the status is changed or when the task is moved into a swimlane associated with the status that requires approval, the card (both in Kanban and Scrum board view) jumps to the left most lane (default is set to "New").

This interrupts the flow / progression of task completion and looks like it may be a bug.

The issues with this are:

1. After being moved to the swimlane requiring approval, the task card sticks to the status/swimlane that is to the left of the approval required swimlane for a few seconds, so user is not sure if an approval request was sent

2. After the lag described above, the card moves to the left-most swimlane. If that lane is called New or Backlog for example it looks like the card moved to an earlier status and looks like a glitch. Only when you expand the task, can you see that it is pending approval. If someone forgets to expand, this could cause confusion.

3. If we change the first lane to a "Pending Approval" status, or something of that sort, we would have to change the status of every task in that iterations to a different status so it wouldn't automatically appear in that lane. This adds a step.

4. The card jumping to the left-most lane also visually makes it look like the number of tasks being completed is not increasing, but the backlog (cards on the left hand side) are increasing. This could have a negative on team moral.

Is it possible to create an automated column that appears in between swimlanes before a swimlane that is set for approval? This way, if someone tries to move a card into the next lane, a new lane will appear called "pending approval" and once it is approve, the card will land in the appropriate swimlane/update to the appropriate status. Or something that would make it clear that a task is in a pending approval state and doesn't move to the left-most lane.


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