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Increase the number of Folders/Hierarchy capabilities


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Description - Current state allows for PORTFOLIO/PROGRAM/PROJECT- My need is for there to be at least 4 levels of taxonomy. For example Department/Year/Season/Tactic/Specific/Project

Why is this feature important to you - Organization is key. Having to sort through long lists of non-related projects is not helpful. "filters" are annoying.

How would you like the feature to work - Create more levels of taxonomy.

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If I'm understanding your idea correctly, this is actually in the works with WF and was discussed at this year's Summit, currently referred to as Project Maestro. You'll be able to create your own taxonomy/hierarchy that fits your org. Here is the Summit recording: https://business.adobe.com/summit/2023/sessions/custom-campaigns-and-new-marketing-calendar-a-prev-s...