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Increase list limit OR indicate that there are more options


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Description - Across Workfront are typeahead fields that have limits on how many options they list. I confirmed with support that this is by design and occurs in various places across Workfront. For example, in the Project Overview, the Portfolio and Program fields show only the top 14 (approximately) options. In the case of portfolios and programs, I suspect many Workfront instances have more than 14 active portfolios or programs (or other objects that have a max list). There is no indication that other options exist and that a user can/must type to search for those options.

Why is this feature important to you - Users are not always informed of the full breadth of options. If the option is not presented, they sometimes assume it doesn't exist and therefore choose something that isn't appropriate. In the case of Portfolios and Programs, I have project managers who aren't familiar with all the Portfolios we have, so they have to look elsewhere. Some project managers, though, might assume that the best option exists and therefore choose the next best fit. This "next best fit" can throw off our reporting and result in unnecessary housekeeping to bring our data back into alignment. I can't expect my project managers to memorize all our portfolios and campaigns, especially since the options change as our business priorities evolve. To help my projects managers work efficiently, I'd like to empower them with the information at the typeahead field instead of asking them to pause their flow to find the information they need to enter the data.

How would you like the feature to work - Either increase the maximum that typeahead fields can present OR visually indicate that there are more options. For example, a "See all" button would open the area that lists all the items available to the user, which then informs them of what to search for in the field.

Current Behaviour - Users may choose the wrong option, therefore placing an unnecessary burden on system administration to clean up the mistake. At best, users have to stop what they're doing to look up the options in another area of Workfront—if they have access.

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