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GUIDs on Custom Field Options (ParameterOptions)


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Description - Add a GUID or ID for custom field values

Why is this feature important to you - When you change a name because of say a typing error and Logic was based on the name

How would you like the feature to work - Update to the system to link custom field values based on the ID rather than the name

Current Behaviour - All relationships to a custom field  or custom field values use the Name

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Good news, bad news.


The good news is, they already have ID's assigned to them.


The bad news is, nothing that is built from the Workfront front-end uses those. I do agree that it seems like there should be a way to update a field value without breaking the logic. I had a similar situation come up, and the best way I figured to do it was by building some custom code which told me everywhere that the value I wanted to change was used so I at least had a list of everywhere I needed to go in and fix manually.