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Google Documents should be supported with the Proofing tool


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Description - It's great that Microsoft documents like Word, PPT, etc. are supported by Workfront's Proofing tool. We have used this tool with MS products for roughly 10 years. However, Google Documents like Docs and Slides are not supported with the proofing tool. What this means is when someone includes a Google Doc in their Workfront request/issue, it cannot be converted to a proof by Workfront. This allows for the document to continually be revised without knowledge from those using Workfront or going back to review a document later. 

Why is this feature important - As a financial institution using Workfront as a marketing request queue and compliance approval workflow, it's extremely important that the Google Document being added to Workfront does not change while the various teams are reviewing and providing their approvals. Often our reviewing teams will reject and/or provide edits to a client using the proofing tool which allows marketing the opportunity to completely overhaul the document or simply make small edits. It depends on the feedback given from the reviewing team. Once approved, we need the proofing tool to freeze that document in time so that regardless of what the document owner is doing in Google Docs, it is clearly documented what was approved by compliance. This matters when government regulators come in to audit various marketing campaigns and assets. Up until this point, we have used Microsoft products which are all supported by the proofing tool. Google is not, and our entire organization has transitioned to using the Google suite of products.

Current Behaviour and workaround - What this means is that we have to institute a cumbersome work around until this is working for Google Docs. Our teams will have to download their Google document as a pdf then upload it to Workfront so that the proofing tool can function as intended. This is not sustainable over time.

We need Workfront's proofing tool to support Google documents.