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Freeze Columns in a workfront report


Level 2


Description - We would love to be able to freeze columns in a workfront report

Why is this feature important to you - while teams need all columns, they want to be able to quickly view key columns that change priority quickly and easily

How would you like the feature to work - be able to turn on and off freezing easily and adjust which column freezes

Current Behaviour - we are aware of creating separate views, but freezing would work much better for the users



Community Advisor


Yes, please! A matrix report freezes the far left column and I wish that can apply to a regular detail view of a report when we have many columns.


Level 3


Absolutely, there are many instances where my client has a real need to move horizontally across the screen to compare columns of data, but I try my hardest to never allow the column #'s to cause scrolling specifically because we cannot freeze the 1st column. 


They lose track of which Project/Task they are viewing data for while they scroll.