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Fix Resource Budgeting Tools


Level 7


Resource budgeting tools are slow to load the larger the data set you're working with. The tool does not appear to be designed to fully support enterprise reporting and doesn't seem to be able to function efficiently with the reality of a larger company's data needs.

  1. Improve the efficiency of getting data entered through the project level resource budgeting tool by loading the roles from the resource pool to use in budgeting WITHOUT forcing the massive calculation of data for all available roles. Allow a choice to save the data entry and then run the calculation afterward if a user wants to do this at the project level. It might make more sense for a user to enter data by project but then run the larger planner report for a global look to see which projects need adjusting for which roles.
  2. Update the options for the planning tool to allow for retaining history of roles being filled. Right now we see that we lose all budgeted hours for a specific role when the only user gets promoted out of it and before we fill that role again. There are sometimes gaps in filling the same role but we want the reporting data retained instead of deleted.
  3. Allow administrative features to let system admins determine if they want to handle budgeting by job role. It would be nice to see the option of entering budgeted hours by job role based on the roles in the resource pool and not the users in the resource pool. the calculation for availability could utilize the current headcount of users with that role rather than the number of users in the resource pool. It's the promotions of users and deactivation of users that starts messing up reporting data.
  4. Update the budgeted hour API to include a "last updated" field and ability to detect deleted records to remove.