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[Enhancement Request] Copy button for proofs when moving between folders in a Work Order


Level 2


We would like to request the following enhancement for Disney:

-Current Situation: In a Project, we have a folder for each approval phase. When one Proof is approved, we need to download it and upload it in the next phase's folder and create the new proof. If we use the "Drag & Drop" option, the Poof gets moved from one folder into the other, without keeping the history.

-Enhancement: Check if we can have a Copy button of the proof so we can move it into the next phase's folder.

-Background: We need to keep a copy of the approved "Proof" in each folder and, because of this, we only have one stage in the proofing workflow.

Thank you in advance.



Community Advisor


We would also like to be able to copy proofs to another object.

We create issues with a proof then send that proof to one set of reviewers to mark-up changes. We then convert that issue to a project and need the proof comments to move along with the document so the production team knows what changes to make.

currently the document move to the converted project, but the proof does not


Level 2


We would also like to see this. Sometimes we split projects and the proofs are needing to be transitioned to a new project.