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Enable Custom Forms on Teams, Roles, Reports, and Dashboards


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We have dozens of Roles, and hundreds of Teams, Reports, and Dashboards. The only tool that is built into Workfront to help us document and govern these objects is the Description field.  The absence of custom parameters on these objects is limiting in what and how we are able to document their usage.

We would like to attach custom forms on these object types so we can spend less time tracking down all the people and places throughout our instance that are impacted by updates to these objects.

This was enabled last year for other objects like Groups and Billing Records. The efficiencies gained by those enhancements should be further expanded to these additional object types.

Why is this feature important to you
It is challenging to track and document governance-related details on these objects because we have only the description field to do so, and that field is exposed to all users.

How would you like the feature to work
For Teams, Roles, Reports, and Dashboards, we would like to attach custom forms that we would design to help us in maintaining and governing those objects.

Current Behaviour
We have only the Description field to add all details about these objects, so are constrained by space, format, and visibility to users.

We have explored using Fusion to seed a collection of Projects and Tasks to add a lot of detail and metadata about these objects, but its tedious to maintain and isn't easily seen when someone is making updates to one of these objects. 





Excellent idea @William--, and would follow the let's-strike-while-the-iron-is-hot precedent last year that saw Custom Data added to groups.





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100% - adding the ability to attach custom parameters to these objects would be immensely useful and beneficial for the way we work!


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Yes, please! The data governance and reportability on those objects is critically lacking without the ability to do more than write nice pretty descriptions. (Or worse, write less-than-pretty descriptions not realizing the entire user-base can see what I think are sys-admin notes.)




This idea is currently being investigated by the Workfront Product Management team. An official response will be provided by the end of May. Thanks for your patience!







Status changed to: Investigating




Hello @William-- ,


Thank you for the idea. We don't have this in our short term roadmap, but we definitely have enabling custom forms on more objects in our future.


We will keep you posted as soon as we have timelines.