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Edit Microsoft Documents in Proofing tool


Level 4


Full Microsoft editing capabilities for word docs and more in the proofing tool, including track changes.



Level 5


Copywriters and reviewers hate the Proofing for copy right now, because that makes their lives so much more difficult than downloading the docs doing the recommendations/commenting and then reuploading it.

On the other hands we'd like to count the number of comments on proofs which is now impossible if they bypass the tool with track changes.


Level 1


Editing of documents is currently supported through the Google Docs and Microsoft OneDrive integrations. The caveat is that when editing these documents that were generated as proofs through Google or OneDrive, the changes do not reflect in the previously generated proof

We do not currently have any further plans to introduce document editing within proofing




We would also like to see these capabilities in the Proof tool. It would be great to make changes to the actual file and use Word functionality in the tool itself.


Level 4


We implemented Workfront about 2 years ago and are big users of the proofing tool. Before Workfront, we would send materials for approval through SharePoint. The approvers were able to edit documents directly and our content writers were able to accept or deny the changes that were made. Now, once the materials have been reviewed our content writers have to manually make changes in the Word doc that were added in the proof tool. We send out several documents for approval through proof with hundreds of pages so this process is extremely time-consuming and frustrating.

We need a way for proof to integrate better with OneDrive so we don't have to spend so much time making manual changes that are already documented in Proof.


Level 2


This is an ancient pain-point with the Proofing tool. Having to utilize a separate approvals process for Word/text documents causes unnecessary confusion and process complication--especially with new users and new implementations.