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Deactivating a user should remove them everywhere


Level 5


When a user is deactivated, they should be removed everywhere. I keep finding little easter eggs of old users and can't even begin to find all the places they need to be removed.

Examples, assignments on templates, sharing on projects created from templates, custom views sharing. The only thing that should remain, is a history of what they did. They should not still have views and such shared with them or newly created projects shared/assigned.



Level 6


I fully support that. Specifically, when a profile is deactivated, the system should remove all entries from "Direct Reports" in this profile.


Community Advisor


Me and my admins started a dashboard to try to capture all the Easter Eggs of removing a user. To add to this list, you should be prompted just like when you delete an access level that says what User should replace this one. That way any reports that are being run as that person, and pending approvals etc etc are still functional.


Level 2


Agreed, makes little sense that a user can still be assigned to tasks/projects while deactivated. It should remove all their shares/permissions.