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Custom Form Layout


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I was surprised to not find this already in the idea exchange. Maybe its because I am on my 13th hour today.. so if this is duplicate please accept my apologies.

One thing I have been very frustrated with custom forms is how the data fields are displayed once the form is rendered. In the custom form setup you basically have two options, do I want this field to be next to the one before it or do I want it to be underneath it. If you get too many side by side fields then it rolls over to the next line anyway. Even Microsoft Access lets you design custom forms on a grid.

At least with dashboards you have the option of choosing some basic layouts (see image).
Would it be so difficult to give us the same layout options for custom forms?

So I humbly submit this idea - "Custom Form layouts".

If you feel as frustrated with the look and feel of your custom forms I would appreciate your votes!




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I would like WAY more customization and refinement to the custom forms - we're a creative agency and honestly really need to make the forms as visibly digestible as they are functional


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I'd "settle" on the ability to have

- custom field aliasing on a form so that the field names can more direct and to the point. When you have an enterprise wide instance of 2k+ users from many departments some field names become very UGLY

- ability to rename SUBJECT from the request queue page.... This is ALWAYS a 30-60 minute topic while on boarding and typically is brought up at every level of team so that 60 min time sink is multiplied 2-5x. And is a HUGE barrier to entry PUN INTENDED


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Hey everyone,

Thanks for upvoting this idea!

The idea is very interesting and sounds like a very reasonable enhancement. However, I'm marking this as "Not Planned" as this functionality is not on the roadmap for the next 12 months.



Gevorg Kazaryan,

Product Manager


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I agree with all that's being said here. I'm always amazed at the amount of software and functionality in Workfront, but the biggest area of limitation is in the display of Custom Forms, Reports and Dashboards. Wrike, Percolate and others have a lot of display flexibility and appealing UX for reports/forms.


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When adding multiple rows of fields to a form with sometimes two or three fields in the columns, the fields are distributed very oddly. Fields which are supposed to be next to each other are split to one field being on the left side, while the other field is displayed on the right side of the form. This leaves a huge gap in between them. I would like related fields always being displayed next to each other.


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Agree! Improvements are needed. 


Also, it is difficult to design a form because the form preview is not accurate for some field types. This forces you to open a separate tab or window with a live request queue to see what the form will actually look like when in use. Of course, since it is a "live form" that you are using to visualize layout, you then have to refresh that "new request" after applying each change to the form. It is very cumbersome and also racks up drafts if you aren't careful.


BTW, if you view the same form from the Request section of the queue project, you get a THIRD and completely different layout view that shows the beautiful orange section breaks that I  miss so much   That little bit of color really helped break up the form for readability.