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Custom fields - Validation of entered values


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Description - Any validation possibilites for entered values into custom fields would be great.


Why is this feature important to you - At the moment there is no possibility to validate any entered values into fields. We cannot validate, if e.g. a valid email address, or url was entered, also for date fields it is not possible to define, e.g. that the allowed choices have to be after a specific date,...


How would you like the feature to work - RegEx would be fine


Current Behaviour - no validation


It would be handy to be able to do some basic validation on the custom forms, e.g. character count. It would also be helpful to show calculated fields based on what the requester enters before the form is submitted. And for extra points validate the calculated data before submission.


Having the calculated fields update in real-time would be incredibly helpful. There are items now that I have to show on a custom form by toggling the visibility of 100+ custom text fields when a simple calculation would do it. AND save a lot of time.

Customers can select any date on the planned completion date field. It would be great if we could apply constraints such as but not limited to:

  • no dates in the past
  • no weekends
  • no holidays
  • no tomorrow/next day


I would sure love to see this on custom date fields as well!

In the hopes of increasing the searchability of this idea, here are some other ways to phrase it:

Block out date options

Blackout dates on date picker

Adjust available dates for requester

Custom field restraints on target or requested completion date

We would really like to see the intake forms have validation before submit too.

Just one example: we need to calculate possible delivery date based on a work type, today's date + 1 day for review, and work days (minus weekends/holidays). The requestors often ask for things well before a date that the team can deliver. And depending on the result, the request could be marked as a "rush" job and the requestor would know right away that they are out of our Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Along the same lines as Sarah's reasoning, in our situation we have different types of events on offer with different pricetags that sometimes include a passed-on participation fee. Users have been able to see the calculation prior to submission in another software for the last 7 years. Some may view our switch to Workfront to something that's less intuitive when this pre-calculation feature falls by the wayside.