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Custom Field - Proposed change to provide enhanced governance


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Description - We would like all custom fields to have a check box that denotes "System Admin Only" can update. We want this to appear on existing and future fields created. We want to be able to select this during and after a new custom field is created. We want a System Admin to go into a custom field and select "System Admin Only".


Why is this feature important to you - We have approximately 60 key custom fields that we only want System Admins to be able to modify. Yes, we educate and enable System Admins and Group Admins on how custom forms/fields work. We ask that any requests to modify these 60 key fields be brought to Governance Board. We have a custom form with these fields on it that we ask users to refer to. We also have a google sheet with these fields listed. We have learned (the hard way) that people forget. We need to add in a level of checks and balances to these key fields. This monitoring becomes even more important as we integrate into new applications in the future. We are currently integrated into AEM, and have active fusion scenerios.


How would you like the feature to work - We want all existing and future custom fields to have a checkbox titled "System Admin Only can update". This should appear at the top of the field. There would be in information text that would advise the user that only a system administrator can update this field, please reach out to them directly

Current Behaviour - Group and Sys admins can create and edit key fields that require governance before creation or editing. Realize this would require existing fields to be reviewed by Governance Board, which is fine. Also acknowledge ongoing governance would be needed to identify future key fields that require the "Sys Admin" only updates.


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I like this idea! We do the same, even put notes in the "name" of the field to note that it's a governance field or don't make changes but like you say above, it's still subject to human error. Actually locking it would be helpful.