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Creating a read receipt for updates


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Description - Add a read receipt feature so users can quickly see if their updates have been seen and by whom.

Why is this feature important to you - My stakeholders like to claim they didn't get an update or see a change. This feature would allow anyone to quickly see how many people have viewed the update and precisely who.

How would you like the feature to work - Similar to the viewed icon in experience league but with the ability to click the eye icon and see a list of names of the people that viewed the update. This will need to remain small and unobtrusive.

Current Behaviour - Unfortunately, there is no way to know if a notification went through. In extreme circumstances, I will log in as the recipient and check their notification list to confirm it was sent but I cannot confirm if they actually saw it.





That's a valuable idea Monique,


After releasing and announcing The Scoop , I recall doing some investigation along those lines, imagining a version that colorized the charts by "unread" vs "read"...or (across the bridge too far) eventually leveraging our Roadmap solution to illustrate when an update is made (think "icon" on a Gantt) and sent to several recipients (think "dependency lines from the icon to those users, with each represented as a unique bar), showing the state of the message (i.e. yellow bar = update not yet read, green bar = update has been red), and the time it took until the message was indeed red (i.e. the duration of the bar).


These fascinating (albeit Orwellian) concepts are now resting comfortably on our Needs Funding couch in our lobby, but if anyone would like to buy them a drink and get to know them, I'd be happy to bar-tend an introduction via doug.denhoed@atappstore.com.